Searching for stories, finding camaraderie

Tracey Eaton

I was thrilled when the Pulitzer Center awarded me a grant in 2010 to report on a project called, “Cuba: The Battle for Hearts and Minds.”
As an independent journalist, I couldn’t have done the project without help and so the support was crucial. I received a second grant in 2015.
What gave a warm feeling inside was the fact that someone thought that 1) my story ideas were worth pursuing and 2) I was the one to do them.
The Pulitzer Center staff has been great – professional, smart and sincere.
I can identify with photographer Tomas van Houtryve, who described his Pulitzer Center experiences during the organization’s 10th anniversary dinner in October 2016:

Like many of the other freelancers here tonight, I initially came knocking on the doors of the Pulitzer Center for money. But, ultimately, I’m proud to say, what keeps me coming back is trust, admiration and friendship.

The Pulitzer Center’s Campus Consortium gives college students the chance to experience the same sense of camaraderie.

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